Saturday, May 15, 2010


In 2010, we continued with the crucial behind the scenes work which we hope will pave the way for successful fund raising. We estimate the need for roughly US$200,000 to cover the costs of cemetery restoration and preservation, research and publications and promotion of cultural and religous tourism, with attendant pamphlets and training.

In May 2010, I made a slide presentation on the Jews of Cape Verde to the World Jewry Committee of Har Shalom Synagogue in Potomoc, Maryland. We hope to do many more of these types of presentations in the future to raise awareness about the Jewish legacy in Cape Verde and promote travel to the islands by Jews.

I also met with the President of the American Sephardi Federation of New York to build bridges of cooperation. We will be cross promoting each others' web sites among other cooperative activities in the near future regarding Portuguese and Moroccan Jewry. And I also had the pleasure of meeting Raquel Andrade Benoliel de Carvalho ---- a young descendant of the famous Benoliel de Carvalho family. Raquel is converting to Judaism and marrying a Jewish American fellow. There are many more stories about the younger generation of Cape Verdeans who are "returning" to their Jewish roots. Many have converted independently. That warrants a separate post!