Sunday, February 15, 2015

Documenting the Jews of Cape Verde

If you've been following and liking us on you know that with the help of generous donors such as World Monuments Fund and Mr. S. Daniel Abraham, CVJHP is promoting and underwriting archival research into the Sephardim who immigrated to Cabo Verde from Morocco and Gibraltar in the 19th century. 
However, we also want to pay tribute to Claudia Correia, whose book, "Presença de Judeus em Cabo Verde: Inventariação na Documentação do Arquivo Histórico Nacional (1840 - 1927), published in 1998, is an indispensable source of data and information for this research. We are very grateful to Dr. Correia for conducting and publishing her pioneering study --- one of the first archivists / historians to begin documenting the presence and legacy of the Sephardim in Cabo Verde.

CVJHP recently engaged historian Angela Sofia Benoliel Coutinho, a descendant of the legendary Benoliel family, to build upon the work of Claudia Correia and others, by conducting archival research in Portugal, Cape Verde, London, Gibraltar and Morocco, to help us gain an even better and clearer understanding of the commercial, social, political and religious activities of the Jews, their relationships with one another and their role within the larger Catholic community, particularly in the islands of Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Boa Vista and Sao Tiago, where the majority of Jews settled. Dra. Angela Sofia Benoliel Coutinho intends to expand and deepen our understanding of the contributions of the Jews and their descendants in Cabo Verde by building upon Dra. Correia's foundational study.