Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last year, I made trips to New York City, Providence, Rhode Island; Boston, Massachusetts and Los Angeles to meet with Cape Verdean - American and Jewish communities and inform them about the goals of CVJHP. Thanks to a generous grant from the Stanley and Marion Bergman Family Charitable Fund and to the Cape Verdean Airline, TACV, I was able to travel to Cape Verde in December 2008 to visit and assess the state of the Jewish cemeteries. I also met with local officials and descendants of the Jewish families who vowed to resuscitate AMICAEL--the Cape Verde-Israel Friendship Society in an effort to assist with all aspects of the Project in Cape Verde. During that trip, I also established relationships between CVJHP and the mayors of the islands where the cemeteries are located. They pledged strong cooperation and support. Prime Minister Jose Neves, Minister of Culture Emanuel Veiga and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Brito as well as other officials, reiterated their commitment to the Project.


Nataniel Barros said...

Hi Carol,

I have been searching trough your site and I must its thrilling me. This subject that concerns with the heritage and the story of the Jewish that came to Cape Verde from the Moroccan cities. My father was from Boavista Island, but I was born is S. Vicente. I’m 35 years old. I have my graduation in Law from the Portuguese Catholic University. Presently, I’m working at the Ministery of Finances as Tax Inspector. Please, if you can, stay in touch with me. My e-mail natanielb@hotmail.com or nataniel.barros@gmail.com
Hope that we can share some expiriences
Stay blessed.
Nathaniel Barros

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