Friday, March 15, 2013

SAVE THE DATE: MAY 2, 2013 Re-dedication

Thanks to all of you who have made financial contributions to Cape Verde Jewish Heritage Project Inc. and especially to His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco, we have completed the restoration of the Sephardic Jewish cemetery in the capital, Praia. Take a peak at the Before and After photo:

Jewish burial plot within the Varzea cemetery in Praia, before and after restoration


On May 2, 2013, Cape Verde Jewish Heritage Project is organizing a ceremony in Praia to re-consecrate the Jewish burial plot inside the Varzea Cemetary, which was recently restored under an agreement between CVJHP and the Municipality of Praia (Camara da Praia). It is the first of four small Jewish cemeteries that CVJHP will rehabilitate and preserve in Cape Verde in partnership with local and central government authorities. CVJHP financed the restoration, which was designed and executed by the "Camara da Praia." CVJHP is also grateful to central government authorities, in particular Prime Minister Jose Maria Neves and Minister of Culture, Mario Lucio, for their cooperation and support. Distinguished dignitaries from Morocco and Gibraltar (the birthplace of most of the Jews who immigrated to Cape Verde in the 19th century) are expected to attend, as is the chief Rabbi of Lisbon. We also look forward to having many descendants from the United States and Europe join in the commemoration. It is not too late to sign up for the trip! Please contact us at: by March 29 if you wish to participate. Note: Each person is responsible for covering his/her trip expenses including air fare, hotel and most meals. However, we have identified a travel agent in Cape Verde who is working to obtain the best air fares and hotel rates for our group. It's an opportunity to appreciate the poignant remnants of the Sephardic Jewish presence in Cape Verde and to mingle with local descendants of the Auday, Benros, Benoliel, Benchimol, Brighham, Cohen, Levy, Wahnon and other Jewish families, meet Cape Verdean local and central government officials as well as Embassy representatives. Meetings, receptions and other excursions will be planned. Enjoy Cape Verdean "Morabeza" or hospitality. Visit our website: CVJHP.  Let's preserve memory and re-live history on May 2! 

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